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Company Profile

We are a Czech trading firm. We import, export and sell mainly waveguides, electron tubes, connectors, semicoductors etc. around the world.

Microwave equipment and components

In the Czech and Slovak Republic we are the exclusive distributor of well known companies The Supply Solution and The Waveguide Solution. They are producers of high quality components for microwave equipment. These products are used by most large, medium and small companies around the world. You can look through their catalogues just click "microwave components "in our web site.

Electronic components and modules

  • electron tubes and high voltage klystrons for use in TV and radio transmiters
  • power electron tubes for high frequency heating and industrial use
  • thyratrons for use in radars, aviation, medicine and industry
  • vacuum switches
  • semiconductors and circuits
  • passive components
  • EO (Electro-Optics) componets and parts
  • electromagnetic componets and parts
  • mechanical components for connection
  • connectors
  • small electrical engines and ventilators
  • components for building installation systems

Electrical Installation Components
Conductors and Cables
Measuring and Testing Devices
Instrumentation and Control Equipment
Lighting Devices
Telecommunication System
Radio Communication Technologies
Broadcast Equipment for Radio and TV
Equipment for Radars and ATCon (Air Traffic Control)
Spare Parts for Aircraft
Import of Tropical Woods and Decorative Articles
Foreign Trade