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Microwave Components / Rectangular waveguides

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Set screws, washers, nuts, gaskets and keys for


Frequency Band 8.2 to 12.4 GHz (R100)- 1 piece



  All waveguides are in the range of  2,6-40 GHz


Waveguide Flexible and twistable All waveguides


E and H Plane Bend All waveguides are in the range


  Transitions Coaxial & Taper Standard coaxial


Waveguide Flanges Standardised flanges Square -


Tee Junctions


Directional Couplers All waveguides are in the


Waveguide Pressure Windows Different variants of


Attenuators – Fixed & Variable


Load Terminations


Various Diplexers and Band Reject Filters are




Elliptical to rectangular waveguide transition 2,5


Rotary Joints